Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Building for Tomorrow

When you plan ahead, you are always taking a giant step forward! You should constantly be thinking about your next step, so you never fall behind.
Many years ago, I started this program by carrying in my pocket a little notebook. I found that when I jotted down a thought, I invariably acted on it. This is particularly true now that I am a “senior” citizen, since my memory isn’t working as quickly as it should. However everything I jot down does get done. 
A big key to success is when responding to anything, do it STAT. If you put something off, there's less chance that it will get done. Then, you will only fall behind.

Is your company a member of AAHomecare and your state DME association? If not, then join today - not tomorrow. This is how you will “Build for Tomorrow”. Every lecture I have attended, and many articles I have read all repeat this message!

Medtrade Spring is underway. Be sure that you participate, and there you will be able to pick and choose those companies whose goals are the same as yours. By getting the “team”, together with the other DME dealers and companies who offer the support and services necessary to develop market share, you are building for tomorrow!

Carefully study the industry magazines. They are filled with important messages! I am no longer “behind the counter,” but I am still asking all of my readers to participate by becoming “dues paying” members of AAHomecare their state association. That is a major part of building for tomorrow.
If you and your team are currently at Medtrade Spring, be sure to attend the Stand Up for Homecare reception tonight, March 31st, from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. Click here to add this event to your Medtrade Spring registration.

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