Monday, May 4, 2015

Customer Service

Customer service is a great deal more than, “May I help you, please?”

Every person to whom you speak, even if it is only a greeting, must always be treated the same way. Your customer is always your “best friend”. Without them you would not have a business. The key to your success is how all potential clients recognize you.

Are you a “friend” to them or are you only interested in how much money they may be worth to your company? Think about this!

You earn your reputation by what you do that is “customer service”! One easy way to do this is to make it known to all the schools, churches, and civic clubs (such as Rotary), that you or a member or your staff is available to be a speaker. The topics all have to be related to what one can do at home! How many different topics does this open for you? Many! The only thing you must leave is a business card for every attendee.

There will be opportunities to bring a manufacturer's rep with you to leave the brochures that they have prepared. After the meeting, always send a “thank you” note to all who attended.

Everyone who “patronizes” your location can be a customer, even if they only look around. Allow that; just see how the Macy department stores have grown, always by customer service.

Customer service really does not cost anything! It is how you build your company: “May I help you, please?”

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