Thursday, May 7, 2015


What exactly does the word “if” mean? As best as I can determine, there are very few basic explanations. They are: “in the event that”, “supposing that”, or “provided that”.

All of these descriptions are correct and all of them are “cop-outs”! What they simply are saying is an excuse because someone neglected to do something! When running your DME/HME business (or any company), as the principal you must be certain that nothing has been overlooked. Several dealers I know monitor their operation differently. They carry a small wire-bound notebook and when anything is noticed which needs correction, they write it down! It gets done! If not that day, certainly the next!

I recall a DME/HME dealer I called on in Rochester, NY. This company had a large showroom, several displays set up beautifully as rooms in a home. These displays were heavily trafficked. But they each looked as if the cleaning team had just finished.

A dealer I know worked many extra hours to submit a bid for new business. He mailed it when he went home, but the mail had already been collected, and when it arrived was not accepted because it came a day late. He told me that “if” it had been opened he probably would have been awarded the new contract. His prices were a few percent less but one day late!

Speaking about “if” is important because when I speak with friends and associates. I hear this word opening up too many conversations.

I think that the best use of this little two-letter word was in a Broadway production: “If I was a rich man?” Try removing this word from your vocabulary!

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