Friday, May 15, 2015

Mal Mixon

Invacare Chairman Mal Mixon
Our industry must say, "Thank you," to Mal Mixon for the many years of hard work he has performed on our behalf! The recognition of DME/HME as a vital portion of healthcare came about as a consequence of Mal bringing this information to the public! DME/HME is an important segment for the care and health of all citizens! Thank you for your efforts, Mal!

As Mr. Mixon toured the United States, he spoke at many meetings and delivered his message identifying “home care” as a profession. Well, it happened! DME/HME became a recognized profession!

I recall, so many years ago, when I changed the direction my pharmacy was taking to develop new “Home Care” volume. I remember when I sold my first wheelchair as an OTC cash sale. This was the beginning of a new career for me in DME/HME. Yes, I owe an additional thank you to Mal.

Mal Mixon will be presented with AAHomecare's Legislative Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award at the Washington Legislative Conference. He certainly has earned this recognition.

All I can say now is how much I personally appreciate all of the efforts and work Mal has accomplished on behalf of every DME/HME provider. He has lead the way.

Please join with me and say how much you appreciate his accomplishments with a big "THANK YOU, MAL MIXON!!"

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