Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do You Belong?

I have always been impressed by the many ways DME/HME people respond to unanticipated problems. No one ever seems to react the same way! It makes no difference who you are, where you work, or where you live. Things always constantly appear to be “happening". But, how you respond to any of these difficulties, which can affect your future?
Think before you react!

Never try to be a “one-person” team. Within our industry there are a multitude of diverse associations with whom to join forces. I am rapidly closing in on my 90th birthday, and I have never stood alone. Invariably I have belonged to appropriate industry associations which have helped me along the way.

Belonging and participating with peers will allow your company to continue to stay on growth and be profitable. These associations have built teams of “professionals” and they are to whom you should go for guidance. They know so much about the industry, and are always happy to work with you. That is the service they offer!

So now, once again, I ask: “Do you belong?” The cost of membership in the appropriate business associations is negligible. Your accountant writes the cost off. You will receive an ROI that is phenomenal!

Thelma and I opened our first Pharmacy in early 1950s. The first thing we did was joining our state and national associations. The guidance they provided enabled our pharmacy to grow more rapidly than we ever anticipated. Our DME/HME business grew and we became members of the associations who today serve such an important role.

AAHomecare and the state DME associations are a reflection of the industry and are the backbone of our profession. Do you belong?

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