Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An "Accessible" Opportunity at Medtrade

In a previous blog we spoke about an entrepreneur in the Northeast who bought the house next to his establishment. He did it so he could furnish it with the multitude of products available for people with disabilities. He also displayed all the needed ADL items. There were canes in different rooms and a soap-on-the-rope in the shower. A model bedroom, an ideal kitchen and the perfect bedroom all set up to be seen! Every room in the home, every closet, the windows, the plumbing all had something to show. Even the telephones were very special.

At this home, here is a full-time person in attendance and a call to the main office will bring in any additional help. A desk was filled with literature and order forms. No one left empty handed, but the point was that they returned and bought items for themselves or for Mom and Dad.

The success of this home was breathtaking and word-of-mouth keeps a flow of visitors checking out this house.

At Medtrade this year there is a new treat in store for all called the “NextGen Medtrade Accessible Home: A Healthy Living Lifestyle Environment.” As the name implies, it will show as many items that can be set up in the space allotted. All attendees should find the time to visit this exhibit; it will give you many ideas that you can bring home. This is just one of the many new important features of the 2010 Medtrade in Atlanta.

Every exhibitor, every speaker, buying groups, state DME and national associations are all there for the same reason. Their common goal is to show you what they offer to benefit your business.

I have watched how Medtrade as developed from the very beginning. I am so pleased each year to see the new items and meet the new attendees. I see that this year will be the best. If you would like say hello, please call. I am always at your service (577-553-5137).

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  1. The Accessible Home will have EZ-ACCESS products displayed, and I will be at the house or at our booth #1445. Please stop by if you get a chance, I would truly enjoy meeting you! As always, thank you for your blog posts!

    -Megan Schmit



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