Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why You Have to Be at Medtrade

There are a great number of problems facing HME providers today. Attendance at Medtrade will enable you and your company to get many ideas and directions to help resolve them. If you have not registered, please visit and do so now. Your future may depend on it.

At this moment, with the election coming next week, the pressure on most Congressmen seems to be who will be elected and who will be sent out to pasture. The amount of dollars being spent this year by both major parties is mind boggling. I must assume they all must see a big ROI for all the money they are investing.

For our industry, the main questions are:

Is the competitive program going to produce any positive results?
Are the reimbursements going to put many small operations out of business?
Will there be standards established or will everything be based on the lowest price only?

I assume the “lame duck” Congress that will remain in power after the election will not have the courage or drive to help resolve any of these. Our industry will stay in limbo until the new Congress is sworn in. But we cannot stop for an instant in getting to the incumbents and the new elected officials with all the information you can gather.

At Medtrade you will hear speakers who will provide excellent material for you to bring home. You will be able to meet with the officers and staff members of the state and national DME associations. They will arm you with tools to bring to Congress.

The buying groups who have been in the trenches, working not only for their members but for all the industry have much valuable information for you to bring home.

There is no other place where you can get so much to help guide your company through the wild waves. You have to be at Medtrade this year. If you have not yet registered, please do so STAT. I will be walking the floor. Please try to say “hello!” Thank you!

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