Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Get Excited

As we get closer and closer to the opening of this year’s Medtrade Expo and educational conference in Atlanta, more and more excitement is growing. For each attendee a great crescendo will be reached as they enter the event.

How many vendors will they be able to visit? How many seminars and lectures can they attend? How many friends and associates will they meet? It is breathtaking for every HME provider to stand there in amazement as they see the plethora of opportunities that are awaiting them at Medtrade. There is so much sitting on the Expo floor and so many classrooms headed up by experts and professionals to provide guidance this year.

Make sure you attend those seminars this year that will provide new paths for your company to enter. There will be many vendors with new products, promotions and educational tools for your company – all waiting for you at Medtrade!

How to pick and choose from this cornucopia, overflowing with prospects for growth and profit will be a challenge. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This year providers will find a great deal more. At Medtrade providers will also see how they can protect themselves from some of the frightening legislations hanging over their heads.

Speakers, state HME associations, national associations, and the buying groups are all in attendance. You will get many new ideas to be sure your business gets through this so-called “recession.”

Try to find me walking the showroom floor. Please call if you have a free moment (877) 553-5127. Together we will share the excitement this year in Atlanta.

(If you have not registered, do so now at

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