Monday, October 18, 2010

Medtrade: The Definitive Event

If you look back to the previous Medtrade events, one thing becomes very clear. Medtrade is the most definitive meeting HME providers can attend. This is where many problems can be resolved. Medtrade is where new ideas and new opportunities are always being presented.

Working with and listening to peers on the Expo floor and attending seminars help develop a rather large comfort level. As a consequence of this, attendees can absorb much more information to bring home with them.

What makes Medtrade so valuable? It is the most decisive stop on a provider’s road to success. There is no other venue where one can meet a multitude of vendors. It is where all the new products and OTC cash sales items are there to examine. You know your market and at Medtrade you can pick and choose those which fit into your operation.

I recall a Medtrade meeting, probably about 25 years or so ago where I first saw a chair stair glide that would take a person up or down a flight of stairs. It was, I thought at that time, rather an expensive over –the-counter item. However, the first day one was set up in a provider’s showroom, an elderly couple came in, saw the demo and was impressed. The sale was made and from that first sale, and from word of mouth, units were moving out regularly. Sales were also made to local churches. Yes, that is what Medtrade can do for you.

Continued growth and increased profits are what everyone seeks. At Medtrade the opportunities for both are found. I meet with many friends when I walk the showroom floor and I hear them describing Medtrade as the most perfect meeting they attend.

I look forward to hearing from you. I have received a number of exciting phone calls, so please do not hesitate to give me a shout. I apologize that I inadvertently gave a wrong digit in the last blog. There is space under the column where you can send comments, but a telephone call to (877) 553-5127 is always appreciated!

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