Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do Today - Part II

Once you have taken the time to prepare a new “business plan” as outlined in Part 1 and have reviewed it with your accountant, then the next step is to place it into action.

Taking action is how you will be able to get every member of your staff involved. I suggest that this be done away from the office so there should be no diversions. Your staff will realize the importance of this plan to grow the company when meeting in a neutral location (they each have a vested interest in success).

A copy of the goals for each segment should be prepared prior to the meeting and given to the employee charged with that part. They will be able to study and make their plans for success. When this is shared with the entire team, you will be very pleasantly surprised at what other staffers will suggest. Do not omit the drivers and delivery staff; you will be delighted when some gems come from them.

Last year at Medtrade, I spoke to an old associate of mine who does this annually. He told me that his is a very profitable company run with rather a small staff. Which I was very aware of! Every member on his team feels that they are a vital cog in their company. He treats them all extremely well with bonuses, tickets to the theatre, or a dinner for two at a local restaurant. These are presented as awards for progress.

This “esprit de corps” is one of the major keys to developing both new sales and profits. Think of your company as a football or baseball team. If every player performs at 100% of his or her capability, you, the manager, are the winner.

Since I have done this all the years I was in business, I can share with you some of the experiences I have had. I would like to know how you have fared. If you have a few free moments, please call me (877) 553-5127 and let us see if we can meet at Medtrade in Atlanta this year.

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