Thursday, October 7, 2010

Medtrade's Keynote Speaker Will Inspire

Experiences at Medtrade are always enjoyable and exciting things as well as educational. The ability to listen to the keynote speaker provides an opportunity to learn. I have heard politicians, lawyers, educators, physicians and presidents of major companies. They all brought with them ideas that enable the audience to improve their business. They provide tools how to exist in a trying atmosphere.

This year at Medtrade you will be able to listen to a professor who will send you home filled with techniques to prosper and eliminate the “gloom and doom” outlook.

From the Columbia University Graduate School of Business comes Professor Cliff Schorer who will give dealers and providers a new insight to become more creative. He calls it “a road map to success” for the HME/DME industry. He is known as the “Entrepreneur in Residence” at his school. Who better to show you new ways to grow sales and increase profits? Isn’t that why you attend Medtrade?

Professor Schorer's many years of study and deep understanding of business will filter down to each person in the audience. He is the keynote speaker and will set the tone for Medtrade. You will find listed close to 100 lectures to attend. I describe Medtrade as the learning center!

You have to be there and bring key employees to participate with you. Your team must come prepared and then return to your home base with all the new ideas.

But that is just the beginning of why you and your staff are attending Medtrade. Study the many seminars that are available to you and divide them up with as many people as you can bring. Each will return and share with everyone in your company what they have learned.

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