Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Door Opener

We often forget many things, which can affect our business. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a tremendous opportunity for DME/HME dealers. Are you aware of what this can mean to your operation? A.D.A. is a door opener!  Knowing your Congressman is another door opener! A DME/HME provider from Pennsylvania told me his approach to get both accomplished at the same time.

He is very active in the industry organizations. The associations have been asking dealers to contact their Representatives to get new legislation introduced and passed to change the Competitive Bid. That is what he does.  He said that when you are active soliciting changes, the congressman will recognize your role. Every provider should follow suit.

His idea is so simple. Just contact your HLA in the representative’s office in Washington and his local office manager at home, and request a copy of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You also have to inquire if they are aware of any changes pending to change the “competitive bid” legislation. If they have any questions, refer them back to HR6490 (MPP). Tell them how important this is for all of the senior citizens who live in their district. When you do this you now have opened up a new channel of communication you can use to deliver all of the industry messages (VOX POPULI).

Having done this personally when I first went into business many generations ago, I know it works.  In this fashion you will develop new friends: the HLA and local office manager. That is their assignment and it develops very good public relations for your company. You asked both for help (the ADA legislation) as well as indicated there is a problem with the bid (MPP). When you told them that you always share with your clientele what the Representative does, that makes you a valuable asset for them.

This opens the gate for you to send the legislator some of the information you receive from your state and national organization. By doing this you have established yourself as a voice on behalf of their voting clientele.

I will try to share with you other adventures this industry has experienced to consider.

Thank you to our associate in Pennsylvania. Please feel free to e-mail (shelly.prial@att.net) me any approach that has been successful for your operation, or give me a call at 321-259-7127 or 321-255-3885. All your fellow entrepreneurs would like to hear ideas that they too can utilize.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the requirements for a strong legislation. We must support such initiatives to live in a more secure and relaxed environment.


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