Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Shortcut to More Signatures

This very interesting bit of information came in my inbox recently from As you know, those in the HME/DME industry have been striving to get Medicare's bidding program replaced with with a Market-Based Pricing Program. Many of you have already added your name to the online petition by
visiting,  Creating an Account, and then clicking "Sign this Petition" to get your name added. 

Now, the next step is to reach out to all of your personal and professional contacts and request that they too join in the fight to achieve this essential goal, and also add their name to this important online document. 

The email I received from contained several ways to expedite the process of getting more signatures

First, you'll notice on the page where you sign that there are social sharing buttons at the bottom of the page where you can promote the petition to your connections on Facebook and Twitter.

Next, Offer to create their petition account

Ask a few family members and close friends if you can speed up their addition to the petition by offering to create their account. Just keep in mind that creating their account will NOT give you the ability to add their name to the petition. 

After their petition account is created, they will still have to click the link, in the verification email they will receive from, and then they will have to take action on that page.
Try this: Contact a few friends by phone or email and ask if it is okay to make it easy for them to add their name to our petition. Then all they would have to do is click link on email, read our petition and at the bottom of the page click the box,

If they agree, go to, click [CREATE AN ACCOUNT] at the bottom of the page. Then add their name, email address, the two verification words and click [CREATE AN ACCOUNT].

Let your contact know that once you create their account, they will receive an email from and they only have to follow 2 steps to be added to our petition.
You can paste the following text in an email, if your contact agrees:
Hi ____________,
Thank you for agreeing to add your name to the Home Medical Equipment's petition to Save Patient Access. 
You only need to follow two steps to be added on:

1) You should receive an email from, titled: "Almost done! Verify your account". Open the email and click the long blue link that begins:

2) Your browser will open to our petition page. Simply read the petition and below the text click:

If you have a twitter or facebook account please follow the steps to help promote our page. If for some reason you do not see the email come in, check your "spam" or "junk" folders.

Please reply to this email when you are done so I can mark you off my list.

Thank you for taking the time to Save Patient Access.

You can also, A personal email to 10 people...Then repeat

Try this: Send an email to 10 people in the same social group. For example, your closest family members including their children, but limit it to a total of only 10. If they do not immediately reply that they will add their name, suggest preparing their account as described above.

Below is a suggested sample:

Subject: A serious request regarding my business

You may have heard me mention that the government has made radical changes to the Home Medical Equipment industry and will soon end my company's ability to provide most products and services at viable rates to patients on Medicare.

Medicare is a decent part of my business and though I'll survive it, I am afraid in time other insurances will impose the same changes. The good news is that there is a viable solution that will make reasonable reimbursement cuts to our industry, save the government money without raising taxes, maintain measures to cut waste and fraud and allow established community businesses like mine to continue to participate with Medicare. 

I am asking for you to help put this plan on President Obama's agenda by immediately visiting and adding your name to the petition. It honestly takes less than a minute and details of our proposal and simple instructions are in the attached PDF.

I would not ask if it was not important, but this is not a contest or opinion poll. If the government's flawed model is repeated in other areas in healthcare, it will affect everyone's ability to get prescriptions, diagnostic tests, home healthcare and even doctor's visits.

Please reply when you are done, so I can mark you off my list and it would be great if you could pass it on to your friends.

By sending the email out to smaller groups you get their attention, they know you are counting on them individually.

Then send it to:

10 of your good friends
10 of your spouse's good friends
10 relatives on your mom's side
10 relatives on your dad's side
10 relatives on your spouse's mom's side
10 relatives on your spouse's dad's side
10 neighbors
10 friends who are all part of the same group (church, temple, civic club, etc.)


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