Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The special report issue of TIME Magazine (March 4, 2013), "Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us," has accomplished much more than I ever anticipated. It made people aware that DME/HME providers are not part of the problem.
After rereading this excellent report (about 20 pages), I want to repeat my message. If you don’t have a copy, please get to nearest newsstand and obtain one.  I was very discouraged when I saw how many hospitals and chains have blatantly ripped off CMS and Medicare.

Where should the blame be placed? Somehow any attempts to slow down fraud and abuse have been fought by the conglomerates who appear to have more than sufficient funds to “buy” support. Our industry does not have that capability. Fraud and abuse must be greatly reduced by CMS and Congress.

I spoke to AAHomecare's Walt Gorski, and he estimates that there are about 15,000 “brick and mortar” DME locations. Now, if we can get them all on board, suddenly we become more powerful than any of the conglomerates and lobbyists.
Why? Each of the DME/HME operations can work with their staff, associates, customers, patients and family caregivers to deliver our message. It is theirs as well. All of them appreciate the many services they currently receive from their DME/HME dealer. They know much of these are pro-bono. If their provider has to close or reduce services, they will suffer.

Let us use this information from TIME Magazine to help build a powerful team, get an MPP program, eliminate the competitive bid and any further reductions in reimbursements. If every DME/HME provider will become an active dues-paying member of their national and state DME association, we will be formidable. So before you are forced to commit Hari-Kari join and invite your clientele to get on board.

Are you on board now?

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