Monday, March 25, 2013

Medtrade Spring - LAS VEGAS

This was the 36th year that I have attended Medtrade. The show was so different this year. Harbingers of the future were all positive. HME/DME providers are all in the process of changing their marketing approach.

Sure we will actively battle the second round of the Competitive Bid legislation. It is critical now that every dealer belong to both state and national associations. They are leading the battle and need the support of every dealer. CMS is planning to further reduce reimbursements by ridiculous amounts. The dealers and associations are working closely. It will take time, but it will happen. So get on board.

Every sign that the “recession” is over is another good omen. The stock market has reached new high levels; homes are beginning to sell again. These are very positive signs.

The Federal Government is now trying to find the money to pay off the massive DEBT they have. This will be a difficulty that might affect our industry. But no matter what they do, our industry will continue to grow.

The industry associations are working very diligently to get Congress and CMS to understand that we are not the culprits and should not be punished. This was on everyone’s tongue at Medtrade. Support has been pledged to get the MPP bill passed.

We will show them that when fraud and abuse are eliminated and standards are in place with strict legislation, thieves will be kept out. This will be the best way to resolve some of these problems!

Many positive results were accomplished at Medtrade and now we must take advantage of the new opportunities offered for OTC sales found at Medtrade.

On the exhibition floor in Mandalay Bay, providers, associations, and buying groups were all working very closely with the exhibitors. Ideas and programs for new Over The Counter cash sales were the key words on everyone/s lips. This show was very well attended, but if you did not make it please plan now for the BIG one in Orlando.

TOGETHER we will work with our Congressmen. I look forward to seeing all this accomplished before the Fall Medtrade in Orlando.

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