Friday, March 15, 2013

Next Stop: Las Vegas

The day has finally arrived. Thelma and I are so excited about the new venue for Medtrade. Holding the spring meeting in Las Vegas has always been rewarding. We want to be there when Kevin Gaffney and his team cut the rope and watch all of you come storming in. What a show this will be!

In the past 35 or so years, the Medtrade Exhibitions have offered the attendees many new ideas for their companies. This year we have to work with one another to combat the “sword of Damocles” hanging over our industry. We MUST get Congress to change the current legislation! Health care cannot be provided by the lowest bid submitted or the recipients will end up getting nothing!

But one caveat - Please come prepared to work - To be sure that you will be able to stay in business! This is what Medtrade is here for. Get a chance to speak with the appropriate state and national associations. Join if you are not yet a member. Visit all the exhibitor booths; they  bring ideas for new OTC cash sales and new opportunities. Find additional ways to increase your profits. Be sure to see all the special displays on the showroom floor, including the alluring New Product Pavilion.

When you return home, you will be loaded with new techniques to change your marketing and boost your business. You will have instructions for how to effectively contact legislators. You will see, hear, and learn. After all that, you still will be able to really enjoy Las Vegas. It is a “win-win” program.


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