Friday, March 1, 2013

"Time" Magazine

Every DME/HME provider, pharmacist, as well as CMS and our congressman, should read the special report issue of TIME Magazine dated March 4, 2013.

“WHY MEDICAL BILLS ARE KILLING US”, by Steven Brill, is so accurate and important that you have to read it several times. I did!  Keep a copy in your showroom and when a question is asked you will find answers! They are in there.

After studying this “special report” you will realize that we (DME/HME) are not the culprits that CMS and Medicare seem to accuse us of being. We are not receiving any dollars we have not earned. Our industry is service-oriented and probably does more pro-bono work than any other facet of health care. If every congressman would read this issue, they would recognize how they are being manipulated. 

CMS and Congress have opened up a cornucopia, a horn of plenty, which hospitals, practitioners and opportunists are cleaning out as quickly as they can.

Please involve your customers; their care is at stake! Work very closely with your state and national associations to bring about changes. When you support them (join and pay dues), our industry will get results.

At Medtrade in Las Vegas, this is a topic that will be discussed by every attendee. It is imperative that you attend. I hope to see you all in Las Vegas!

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