Monday, September 30, 2013


I spoke with a number of exhibitors about the Medtrade Exhibition and Conference. I was anxious to hear what they had to say about Competitive Bidding, the pressure for MPP and a general view of the industry.

The answers I received were encouraging; I did not hear any “sackcloth and ashes". I heard professionals telling me the market is constantly changing, as they must do. The vendors are preparing to assist and cooperate with dealers for mutual benefit.

Who will be walking the exhibit floor? Certainly not those dealers who are crying that they cannot afford this expense. Many of them will just fade away.

The dealers who understand their market will be at Medtrade because they want to continue their growth. They will be bringing staff, attending seminars, workshops, lectures, and visiting as many displays as possible. They will return from Medtrade with a new attitude.

The vendors look with anticipation to meet the providers who are working with AAHomecare and their state DME Associations. They want to have the “competitive bid” eliminated as much as we do. They have just as much at stake.

Towards that end, many said they will be demonstrating and introducing new products and new methods to obtain additional market share. They can do that when they find the aggressive dealers who are the backbone of DME/HME.

Vendors want to partner with dealers who are giving their “all” to protect their patients and family caregivers. They are willing to give 110%, because that is what they see attendees doing. Together, both the vendor and the provider will become a formidable force!

This is only a preview! It is difficult to describe what you will uncover and discover in Orlando. It will be something very special.

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