Friday, April 18, 2014

AAH, Tom Ryan, Congress
I have been patiently watching and waiting for this day. Yes, today we finally turned the corner. When I opened Safari on my computer this morning I received a few more messages than usual. There were at least two dozen commenting about Tom Ryan and AAH carrying the message that all DME/HME providers look for.

Tom is bringing to the attention of Congress and CMS that they seemed to have lost their responsibility to the millions of beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid.

In their zeal to save money, which is being funneled out of the system faster than it can be replaced, they aren't watching where it is going. Tom is showing them the high quality of the services the DME dealer provides. Tom is proud of the efforts of DME/HME companies. He is also calling to the attention of Congress that there are no specific rules and few regulations which leaves a void. This void gives the unscrupulous element an opening to steal dollars!

When I saw the large number of messages that I received this morning applauding his efforts it restored my faith in people. Now, more than ever we have a leader with the courage Tom has and we must give him all the support possible. Let him know that you are really excited and then please do everything you can to support his efforts.

Call your Congressmen, involve your clientele, give the DME State Associations and AAHomecare anything, no, everything they seek because your future depends on their success.

AAHomecare President & CEO Tom Ryan was featured in the most recent episode of HME Voice, powered by Medtrade Radio and sponsored by Emerge Sales. Click here to stream the recorded episode 24/7. In the episode, Ryan answers questions submitted by DME/HME dealers like YOU!

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