Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tax Relief

Tax Relief is the Law

I received a message from a State DME Association and when I saw the title, I jumped out of my seat: “Tax Relief is the Law.” All I could say was “Holy Toledo.”

I now have seen everything. Yes, this is year 2014. Yes, it is the truth. This “relief” was accomplished in Alabama. This is a very big victory, led by Mike Hamilton, ADMEA. I hope to see many more exciting triumphs as a result of the efforts of the state DME associations and AAHomecare.

I receive reports from many of the State DME Associations. I am constantly amazed by how hard the principals and members of these organizations work and how much they accomplish.

One of the goals I have is to be able to meet with the many principals of the State DME Associations and AAHomecare at Medtrade this Fall in Atlanta. I am putting in a great deal of effort to see this happen. Medtrade Spring, last month in Las Vegas, was the beginning of the change in direction our industry is making. More and more vendors are featuring OTC cash sale items.

A great number of dealers recognize this as a “golden” opportunity, seeking as many OTC cash sale items possible. A careful review of current inventory will uncover one opportunity after another.

Rather than allowing merchandise to sit on shelves waiting for someone to look for it, providers are discovering how effective good promotion of specific items can be.

Tax relief, when that happens, is a blessing, but building a better line of OTC cash sale items will secure your market share.

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