Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Communication is the key to accomplishing any and everything. These days the luxury of standing alone is no longer practical. This is why I so appreciate reading posts on LinkedIn. I can see and study what other folks in our profession have to say and then pass it on.

I do not believe that I have posted more than once or twice on LinkedIn. I feel social media is for another generation, and I am sure they all benefit by this sharing with one another. I try, via these blogs, to share information on current events and marketing ideas that have proven successful. It took me a rather long time to prepare the blog about “Licensure”. This, in today’s economy, can be the salvation for many DME/HME dealers.

LinkedIn! To me, the part “linked” indicates that you are part of a chain and “in” is that it is a chain of peers. Knowing this presents the opportunity to tighten the chain and when you are all “LinkedIn’ with AAHomecare and your state DME association, a successful future for all will emerge.

Since I personally am in my late 80’s, I can only suggest. I am no longer a dealer but an old C.O.C. (contemptuous old curmudgeon) who tries very hard to listen to all of you and then hopefully l can share the ideas that I receive from you.

If you have had a successful promotion or did something of interest, please don’t hesitate to tell me about what you did. Send me an e-mail (
shelly.prial@att.net) or call me (321-259-7127) and I will include your idea on one of my blogs!

Then we will all be “LinkedIn”.

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