Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Cash Sales

Can a DME/HME company develop existing sales and build new cash sales at the same time? Yes! However, before you look to expand cash sales, be sure that your current ones are bringing in sufficient profits. Your staff should have the ability to excel with everything your company offers.

Include Your Team in the Training Cycle

The continued success of any operation depends on the efficiency of each member of the team. When I say “each” member, please be sure that your deliveryman is included as well as the clerks on the telephones. Your entire team must be involved in the training cycle.

I say include the “deliveryman” because many years ago, the young man who worked for me suggested I provide him with a list of OTC items he could leave when he made his delivery. Quite a nice ROI developed as a result of leaving these “Do you need?” order forms. (Note, I meet this young man annually at Medtrade, and his company has become a very profitable one.)

Create an Ideal Shopping Environment

Each segment of your showroom needs to be displayed in a way that the customer can locate what they need “surrounded by related items.” Your staff member attending the sales floor should be aware of the right questions to ask and never come off as “pushy.”

Pair New OTC Cash Sale Items with a Plan of Attack

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas I saw a plethora of new opportunities to expand OTC cash sales and harvest additional profits. I watched as many entrepreneurs, while placing an order for a new OTC line, went several steps further. They made arrangements, as part of their commitment, to have the exhibitor schedule an appointment for their salesperson to teach his staff about this “new” line.

Together they planned an advertising program, scheduled open house promotions and “show and sell” days. Of course, they also plan for sufficient literature and samples.

“Good” planning and “good” marketing will bring your company “good” profits, Now, isn’t that a “good” way to develop new OTC cash sales?

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