Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet a Dealer

Thelma and I had a delightful visit with a local DME/HME dealer. For us, this was a trip to visit the past, a time when we ran a similar operation. But the truth is that we also saw an interesting view of the future. The industry is changing and this dealer is doing the same. He had his showroom loaded with OTC cash sale items along with the usual products DME dealers stock. It was a privilege seeing such an efficient and well-run operation.

Everything they had on display was with a price attached. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and all other similar items were grouped together, displayed attractively, beckoning customers to “look and seek”.

We visited Sego’s Home Medical Equipment, run by Gene Sego and his sister, Juliann. Children of a Registered Pharmacist, both are UF grads, working together in business. They created what I would like to see every DME dealer accomplish. They made their operation the center for the entire community to “stop and shop”.

Gene is very active in our industry, and I asked him to share his thoughts with you, my readers. He put things so interestingly:

“I feel every DME should be a member of their state association so their voices can be heard as a united one. We DME dealers, friendly competitors or not, have to stop CMS with the current aggressive audits and all work together for a common goal. I am a member of Florida's state association, FAHCS. I am also on their Board of Directors.”

“I see the immediate future of the DME industry being frustrating and challenging, but with the overall future being bright. There will be many opportunities for providers who work and band together to think outside the box.”

"DME companies must join their state association and AAHomecare to fight the ridiculous amount of audits, CB, etc. We need one united voice It is easy to get frustrated and down at this moment, but we must rally together and fight – Our voice must be heard!"

Gene is a second-generation DME provider and a third generation in a family owned and operated company. Ours is an excellent profession. I enjoy, when I travel, meeting his many peers providing great service to their communities. After spending time with Gene, I am positive that we will always be the primary source for home health care supplies and equipment in the United States.

Gene Sego will be attending Medtrade Fall in Atlanta. When you are there, please seek him out.

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