Thursday, April 10, 2014


This will not happen unless we all work together! There has to be a way to prevent dishonest or “quick buck” operators from being allowed to participate as DME/HME providers.

How many dollars do unscrupulous companies steal out of the system? I would not be surprised if I found nearly half of the reimbursements CMS and Medicare pay for are services that are not rendered.

This can be stopped if there are very specific standards to be met before your operation is allowed to participate as a dealer or provider. I am a pharmacist; I had to pass a very difficult test to receive my license. Then, when I built my pharmacy, I could not open the doors until it, too, passed inspection. There were standards for every item required to fill a prescription. It took four years studying in college, and then I had to serve 12 months working in a pharmacy as an apprentice.

But anyone who wants to rent a store or an office or maybe just list a telephone number and call it “Jiminy Crickets Home Healer Care” can solicit business. Call
1-234-567-8910 and the company is in operation.

Who is running it? It could be "Jack the Ripper". Yes, that is the truth! When I was working as a manufacturer’s rep, I met many of these quick buck operators. They monitored how much was billed to Medicare and Medicaid. When the reimbursements started to approach a seventh figure, they closed the doors and reopened the next day as "John the Curer".

How long can this ridiculous situation continue? How can the great bulk of legitimate hard-working honest DME/HME dealers and providers remain in business when CMS has run out of money? From what I see reported, that reality is almost here now!

There must be some very dramatic changes made STAT. Licensure is the key!

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