Friday, May 9, 2014


I often wonder if anyone reads the blogs we send. In the past few weeks, I did receive a few messages pertaining to my efforts to obtain new members for the state DME associations and AAHomecareThank you!
I would appreciate hearing how you feel about this; “belonging and participating”. Please send me your thoughts ( It is really important to obtain this kind of feedback, because I need to know how my readers feel and appreciate hearing about new ideas to build membership. Share them with me.
I understand how difficult it is to spend the dollars necessary to become a dues paying member. The truth is that if you do not join STAT and work with them, you face the potential loss of your business! DME/HME dealers and providers need to get bills passed in Congress, which will bring about an efficient cash flow (reimbursements) for your services.
Becoming a member of AAH and your state DME association is not just paying fees. These funds are important, but even more valuable is that you can provide another pair of hands and another voice! When doing that, you will get better results. By working together with the guidance of AAH and your state association, you will change the legislation choking our industry. If these changes are not accomplished, too many honest DME/HME dealers will be forced out of business.
There is a professional point of view to which your accountant will agree: The dues and costs paid to be a member of a business organization (AAH and your state association) are considered a normal part of running a company. Your accountant knows how to use that!
Join now, and invite all the dealers in your community to participate as well. You all face the same dire fate, do not let it happen! 
I want to see you all this fall at Medtrade. October 20-23, 2014 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. 

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