Thursday, May 29, 2014


I never realized how easy it is to lose a customer. Sometimes just one wrong word will do that. As an entrepreneur, the principal of a fine DME location in your town, you have probably earned a great deal of respect.

You must retain this approval, and the only way to do this is to give courtesy and attention - respect - to others in return.

Your customers, your competitors, as well as your employees all look to you for directions and information. They have a great deal of regard for you and hold you in esteem. Do you have the same for each and every customer?

While visiting a DME dealer in upstate New York, I watched an efficient employee work as he helped a customer obtain necessities for their bathroom. The customer asked about a raised toilet and then the salesperson showed a few related items. A nice sale was transacted and the customer thanked him.

Then I watched the same salesperson working with an older gentleman, who needed protection as he had a tendency to leak urine. I heard the sales person say, "Oh, you pee in your pants," chuckling as he spoke. I saw the older gentleman looking aghast and I am sure he never stepped into that store again. He received no respect.

I have visited many DME/HME locations and without any doubt, I know how all of them treat their clients. They are successful because everyone who enters their showroom for anything are treated with courtesy and attention.

My father opened his retail Pharmacy in 1920 and closed it in 1970. Every customer for the fifty years he was in business were treated as if he or she was his only customer. He never had a harsh word for anyone!

The respect went both ways.

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