Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Get On Board

Lethargy, it appears that many DME/HME providers are victims. According to the Webster Dictionary it us a great lack of energy or perhaps abnormal drowsiness. But personally I see lethargy as an excuse for not getting on board and then complaining why so little is being accomplished.

One of the pleasures I enjoy is receiving e-mails or phone calls from DME/HME dealers throughout the country. Invariably they tell me, with a great deal of pride, that they have taken the time to respond to the call to “get on board”. They are speaking out and working with the leaders. So should every dealer!

They report: I spoke to my Congressman’s office, they understood and promised to pass on my request.”  Then usually in a day or two later another message was received: The Congressman will support HR 1717.” Your voice has been heard!

The difficulty I have is rousing enough dealers to “get on board“ and join the fray with AAHomecare and their state DME association. Make the phone calls, send the letters, get your employees involved and even better, get your customers to join you. Then we will succeed! You will help make the difference!

It is estimated that there are more than 15,000 DME/HME companies in the United States. I think that may be a low number, but … and this is the problem; how many of them are dues paying members in AAHomecare? How many belong to their state DME associations?

Look at the other similar groups who are much more successful in getting Congress to support them! Why? If we could get at least 75% membership of the DME dealers in the US to join both AAHomecare and their state association, we, too, will have our voices heard. If not, the future is bleak! “Get on board” now, there is no tomorrow.

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