Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Please Join Forces with Tom Ryan and AAHomecare

As I try to review the history of the American Association for Healthcare, one thought keeps running through my mind: How fortunate our industry is to have an association like AAH to lead and direct it! 

Yes, we certainly are lucky. Now when our industry, HME/DME, is fighting a battle for survival with CMS (Medicare), we have a new leader to guide us. The problem we face is that CMS does not understand why the funds they have available are insufficient. How many of the reimbursements they have paid are legitimate? Follow and support Tom Ryan as he addresses this!

According to the newspapers, maintaining the military is the largest expense for the government. Supplying health care via Medicare is the second highest major expense, and it's only growing! What did they do? Delaying payments put it on the backs of hard working and honest HME/DME  providers.

The money CMS has belongs to all the beneficiaries and their health care providers, not to the miscreants and thieves who are being paid for fraud and abuse. I have made my position clear and specific; we need standards and licenses.

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, Tom spoke to a standing room only crowd as he opened the meeting with the Washington Report. I hope that many of you were in attendance for this. I walked out with a smile recognizing we found the leader we sought.

On the evening of AAHomecare's annual fundraiser, STAND UP FOR HOMECARE, Tom made it very clear about his plans. Now it is up to all of us to make it possible for TOM RYAN to achieve his goals. You and I are the beneficiaries of all his work. Every DME/HME provider, manufacturer, and citizen who requires Medicare must get involved.

I am asking - No - I am begging, that if you are not currently a member of AAHomecare and your state DME association, please become one STAT. You have to provide your dues so that you will be able to remain in business. If not, your company may be one of the many that will be forced to close! This is a frightening future. WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!

We have a fantastic leader in TOM RYAN. Get on his team and we all will benefit. Need I say more?

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