Friday, May 16, 2014

More Fly-In

The past few days, I have received a number of messages from several state DME associations. Each of them was very positive about what was accomplished at the Washington Fly-In sponsored by AAHomecare.

I am very cognizant of how much it costs to send a delegate to DC. I know how many dollars are spent when participating, but don’t look upon that as an expense! The few pennies spent are an investment to keep your company solvent! I knew all the employees and their families who worked with Thelma and I. We had to protect them! We also treated each of our clients as personal friends. Our responsibility was to protect each and every one of them. This has always been my driving force and it should also be yours!

Obtaining positive results can make a major difference for every DME/HME dealer. The problem is that not every DME/HME dealer is currently a dues paying member of AAHomecare and their state DME association. They do so much with the limited funds they have. They will be able to do much, much more when their membership grows. No company can stand alone! To allow positive things to happen, you all must join.

The other side of the coin is bleak! To date, I have seen too many DME/HME operations closing. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! If we do not get H.R. 1717 passed this year, it will be a severe blow to our industry. There are many other difficulties to be resolved. Don’t sit by idly and twiddle your thumbs. There is no one else - It is up to you!

The dues for membership are insignificant, especially when compared with results. I feel sometimes that I am preaching to the choir. Please do not sit back and wait for someone else to do things. Invest in your future! Hesitation in these critical days can be fatal!

I ask that all DME/HME dealers and providers get on board now so that in October, at the Fall Medtrade Exposition, we will be able to stand proudly with all the attendees and exhibitors.  

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