Tuesday, May 27, 2014


“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
There are about 550 districts in the United States. Each of these districts sends a single congressman to represent them. Do you know the name of your congressman?

I am asking each and every DME/HME dealer or provider to earn a reward. This reward will protect their company and have the ability to get through this critical year successfully. No one wants to experience failure! "Failure has no friends." - John F. Kennedy

H.R 1717 must be passed. If this bill does not get to Congress and approved, too many dealers and providers will find it very difficult to continue their operations. They may be obliged to close their doors. This should not happen! What a great reward you will receive when your efforts prevent that from happening.

To date, we are short the number of Congressmen necessary to get this bill passed. Each of the 550+ districts has at least six or more DME/HME dealers. They all have their future at stake! I ask that in every district the dealers pick up the phone and contact their Congressman! In every one of the districts, the Congressman has an office. The address and phone number can be found in the telephone directory, or on their website.

Make an appointment to visit the local offices and meet the staff that are your direct communication to DC. Do not hesitate! You have to protect your company, your employees, your clientele, and their family caregivers.

Contact AAHomecare and your state DME association before you go. They will provide you with all the facts and key points to be effective. Your congressman will recognize that you are in a very strong position to influence votes. Without votes, they won’t be elected.

But the most important thing is that YOU MUST do this! Unless our industry is capable of getting HR 1717 passed, our future becomes very bleak. We have failed twice and if we do not succeed now it will be a disaster.

I know that when you read this and respond, our industry wins. If you share this message with all your peers and gather them together into a team, as was done in my district in Florida, we will win.

I want to celebrate with our industry when we have earned that reward at Medtrade in Atlanta. It MUST happen and I am asking that in each of the districts, DME/HME providers roll up their sleeves and make it happen.

YOU CAN DO THIS! There are no options! The reward at stake is the future of your company, and a most important industry!

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