Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Very Busy Year

It is amazing how quickly a year can come to an end and the next one can start. In the year beginning at the previous Medtrade in Atlanta and continuing through October 21, 2014, so much will have happened. I can hardly wait for the doors to open for this year’s Conference and Exposition.

This past year has been very frustrating for DME/HME dealers and providers. The pressure from CMS and Medicare to find sufficient dollars to cover all reimbursements is causing many companies to consider closing or downsizing - Don’t do that! Fight to protect your company and your customers. Yes, your customers do not want to lose your services!

The available funds for reimbursements are insufficient. I also know why this is happening: Too much fraud and abuse!
The Necessity of Licensure
The rules and regulations to become a dealer or provider for Medicare are weak. Many dishonest folks find this an opportunity to make a great deal of money rather quickly. Then they disappear before this is recognized. There must be a licensure program! The dealers, in order to participate, must prove that they meet all standards. But what are these standards? I find these hard to locate.

As a retired registered pharmacist, I had to satisfy many requirements before I was allowed to open my door. All other practitioners in our industry are required to have a license. Why are there none for DME/HME providers?
How We Can Make it Happen

We all must join together with our state DME associations and AAHomecare so that we can make our voice heard. Every dealer must contact their senators and congressmen, armed with the material the associations will provide. You all have to be involved! Do everything possible to maintain your profits and your customers, as well as your employees and family.

Together we can make this VERY BUSY YEAR into a VERY SUCCESSFUL YEAR! I want to see you all at Medtrade, working hard on behalf of your company and our profession.

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