Friday, October 17, 2014


Not only should you vote, but you must also suggest to your customers that they, as well, are obligated to vote. What has made the United States of America the world leader is that we have the luxury of a vote. But when a large proportion of people do NOT participate, then we are at fault. It is not important that you vote any party line, what is vital is that you vote!

I always support those politicians who understand what we do as health care providers and the contributions we provide to all our customers. I refer not just to what we sell or supply, but to the great amount of “pro-bono” services which are done as part of our services. Ours is a difficult message to deliver because of the “dishonest” element that find it attractive to steal dollars.

The politicians seeking a seat in Congress recognize the ability of a DME/HME provider to guide their patients and customers to cast a vote for a particular candidate. Need I say any more?

A Note on Medtrade in Atlanta:

Please attend as many seminars at the show and as you possibly can! Make it a point not to miss a single session, because each of them are specifically for you, the DME/HME provider or dealer.

All the years I spent as a dealer, I made the INVESTMENT of bringing one or two key employees with Thelma and I. The ROI (return on investment) was great! In that fashion we had someone attend every seminar necessary, and everything we garnered was shared with all of our staff!

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