Thursday, October 30, 2014

MEDTRADE: Over the Counter Cash Sales!

As dealers made their rounds of the showroom, trying to see as many exhibitors as possible, they were mainly looking for new opportunities that would fit right in with their operation. Of course, an OTC cash sale was on every providers “want list”. I am pleased to say that when I interviewed attendees and asked if they found suitable “OTC CASH SALES”, I realized they were successful!
“Seek and ye shall find!”
The exhibitors were all aware that the industry is going through a major upheaval. This is long overdue. The big difference is that as an industry, dealers and providers are all working together. They are going to maintain Medicare and Medicaid because it still is a flow of income, but this should no longer be their major source. Although a dealer may have a large number of patients and customers who are at a ripe old age, they all will need many OTC items. Dealers sought and found these items at Medtrade!

Family caregivers will purchase any items they feel would be of value for Mom or Pop. This, for them and their family, is preferable to allowing them to be placed in an institution or possibly moving in with them. There were so many items offered by exhibitors on the showroom floor which were ideal for OTC cash sales.

Other specialty products, such as comfort items which do not require a physicians order, were also available. On the floor, dealers found a myriad of new OTC cash sales items. Such diverse opportunities for your clientele included everything from skin lotions and creams, clothes, shoes, and a large multitude of other comfort products.

Many of the Sales and Marketing sessions were very well attended. The speakers were all experts and well recognized for their skills. Medtrade has always brought with them the cream of the crop for the attendees. I sat in for a few moments only to hear and see what was being presented. I was impressed. Medtrade is on a level with a university!

Indeed, over the counter cash sales was one of the premier accomplishments in Atlanta this year!

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