Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Remarkable! Successful! Exciting! Much more than I ever expected! I am so impressed with everything that I saw and heard at Medtrade in Atlanta this week! We all knew this would be an important convention. I was not alone with that thought and heard this from many dealers with whom I spoke.

There were more DME/HME dealers and providers than ever attending this year. They all were seeking answers and they received what they sought. This year the participants obtained a great deal more. Every facet that is involved for our industry was reviewed. The speakers all were superlative.

The lecture rooms were mainly SRO (standing room only). Most of the principals and sales people who sat in carried out with them the handouts and pages of notes they wrote.

Despite the fantastic turnout Medtrade received, there still were far too may dealers or providers who were AWOL. I understand and want to tell those who unfortunately missed being at Medtrade that there is still so much they can do.

Our industry has a very short timetable to reach our elected congressmen and senators. There are several bills pending that must be passed! Our industry did not get these out of committee! We failed last year and the year before! Why?

This happened because too many dealers or providers did not get off their derrieres to get involved and help. The state DME associations and AAHomecare are doing everything in their power to get results, but where are you? Are you all willing to sit idle? Your participation will make a difference!

AAHomecare is raising funds to help them be successful with Congress. Please send them your contribution STAT (mail checks to AAHomecare at 1707 L Street NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC, 20036). 
Work with your state DME association as well. When more DME/HME dealers join, then I know you will all be able to attend the next Medtrade.

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