Monday, December 15, 2014


The end of 2014 is rapidly approaching! This has been a very hectic year, and DME/HME providers and dealers have still not been recognized for the wonderful way they have taken care of their senior citizens and patients. Instead, they are under attack because so much money has been stolen from the system by a multitude of thieves that there is little left for providers.

There must be a way to prevent these dishonest entities from finding ways to defraud and steal! When they are caught, they easily disappear or re-open under another name.

It has been my pleasure to hear from so many dealers in the U.S. who wish to change the system. When I see how diligently the state DME associations and AAHomecare work to bring this about, I believe we can make the necessary changes.

To achieve this, a great deal of money is required. The dollars these associations require to get these changes made comes from membership dues. Everything they have already accomplished has benefitted all DME/HME dealers, not just their members. If every DME/HME dealer becomes a dues paying member of AAHomecare and their state association, our industry will succeed.

Unhappily, these days I see far too many fine DME/HME dealers closing their doors, and that frightens me. Companies who have been servicing their communities for many years, providing the needs of all senior citizens, ailing, bed-ridden patients and others in need, are vanishing. We cannot allow this to continue happening.

The super markets run a promo “buy one, get one” free and they move a great deal of merchandise. Since every dealer today wants to remain solvent and stay active, I ask they each do the following:

Please call all your competitors, every friend, and every other DME/HME dealer you can reach. Ask them to become a member of AAHomecare and their state association. You will be effective! When you explain all the benefits of membership and how minimal the cost is, they will come on board.
That is a great deal; far better than letting the door close. This small investment will go a very long way, which is why you are making this effort. We can no longer allow another DME/HME dealer vanish!

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