Friday, December 26, 2014


Communication is the ability to pass information to one another.

I use this blog to send thoughts about how to help improve your company’s operation. Many of the ideas that are shared with you come from other DME dealers.

Communication is a two-way street. I learned this some seventy years ago when I had a government job! The value and importance of listening and working with one-another cannot ever be ignored. This has been what I have always followed! So you must do the same: Communicate.

When you receive a message, please respond. The best example I can give you is how AAHomecare and the state DME associations are working so diligently to get some very special legislation passed. This will dramatically help our industry. To do this they require additional funds! The dealers who are members of these associations do their best!

There are far too many DME/HME companies who are not dues-paying members. Yet, when there is a success, they also benefit. I ask all non-belonging dealers to communicate with AAHomecare and their state associations. Tell them you will get on board.

Gather together and provide the funds as a dues-paying member. Then, the coming year, 2015, will be the best ever. So please communicate with an application for membership and your check to AAHomecare.

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