Monday, December 1, 2014

Earn a License

As an industry that services the community, DME/HME has become an integral part of the “health” chain in the United States. Our companies work with the physicians, nurses, hospitals, long term care facilities, family caregivers and patients.

We treat every one of our customers with all the care possible and do everything we can to ensure they get the maximum benefits of what we supply.

The cost of healthcare in the United States has grown far out of proportion! The funds necessary to maintain the high quality of services are diminishing. Why? What has happened?

This is not hard to answer. To become a physician, a registered nurse or a pharmacist, one requires a license! After showing they have the necessary skills, a license is then issued by the state.

If you wish to become a DME/HME provider, you have little more to do than say, “I am,” to open a location.

When a person is arrested for a crime and found guilty, they face prison or hefty fines. Those DME/HME “dealers,” when they reach a level where they may be investigated, just change their company name, close the old company and continue getting reimbursements for the invoices they submit.

Earning a license, having standards for the operation, and being subjected to investigation without notice is what a pharmacist and the other license holders face. Not DME/HME. We are professionals and must be recognized as such.

Earning a license to become a DME/HME provider is the answer. Let us make that happen!

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