Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Make Things Happen

As you walk through your office and showroom you will see that there are many opportunities waiting for you. You will notice items that have been on display but show little action. You have to recognize the inventory items that turn over rapidly. The goal is to make many more match the active products.

Promote! When you have chosen the products, contact the manufacturer and invite their salesperson to work with you. Showcase one product at a time and allow two or three weeks between promotions. When you speak with the salesperson, together choose the dates and items you will feature.

Now start promoting.  Place advertisements in the local newspaper and radio station. Contact all your referral sources to ask for their support. This is a critical step. The sharp dealers make it a person-to-person call, not via the telephone or e-mail. You will be pleasantly surprised when they all share ideas with you. Listen to them, because they want this to be as effective as possible. They, too, have a lot at stake!

A dealer on the West Coast told me that he always had a table with cookies and a pot of coffee being monitored by an employee.

The day you choose to promote your item should be a Saturday from 10:00AM until about 3:00PM. Over the years, I have heard from many DME/HME dealers and with no exception, they have all reported very profitable days.

You can “make things happen.” Your key employees should be very involved as you slowly put everything in place. In that fashion, your team will understand their contribution is of great value.

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