Monday, December 22, 2014

Count Your Blessings

You own your business! You have some truly excellent employees! Despite so many efforts to take away some of the reimbursements you earn for your services, you continue blissfully working long hours to maintain your company and stay solvent.

Now all of the above is negative! This is why I say, “Count your blessings!” You still own and operate your company. You have many customers, clients and patients who depend on you. You have loyal employees who work for you. These are all blessings!

I received a fascinating “State of the Industry 2014” report from HME News. The numbers, which they reported, were encouraging. If you have received this report as well, study the information very carefully to see where and how your company fits. It should also be available for viewing online in the next few weeks.
After you have digested all the material, please give it to your accountant. Ask your key employees to study it. Certainly once again you can count your blessings.
A new year approaches. In a matter of just a few weeks, we will enjoy the holidays and plan for the coming year. This is a blessing: free time! Take this free time you get to very carefully review all of the segments of your company. Armed with loads of information, write a new “BUSINESS PLAN FOR 2015".
Please include the following items for next year:
  • Membership in your state DME association
  • Membership to AAHomecare
In addition to membership dues, set aside sufficient funds to help fight the threatening legislation, and encourage solutions. Be sure you respond to every request to contact your representatives. Plan now to attend both the spring and the fall Medtrade Exhibitions.
Do all of the above! Get every employee involved! They also depend on your company for their livelihood. You will find there are many blessings you can count!
Say: Thank God!

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