Wednesday, July 22, 2015


From the day I was discharged from the army (in 1946) until now, I have always been working with other people. I make every effort to stay as busy as possible! Whether my activities were business related or personal, I usually accomplished them via a simple handshake. I never looked for or had a contract. That was why I shook hands. This confirmed what we agreed!

I now can look back with a great deal of pride because of the many wonderful people with whom I have worked. I am truly blessed when I see so many of those fine folks are still active today. They are continuing to provide their skills to maintain our industry.

I admire all the work Tom Ryan accomplishes daily. What is even more satisfying is to know that so many others are working as diligently as they can with him! We are extremely fortunate in that these great numbers of people are still willing to share their skills and knowledge for the benefit of all.

You, as a DME/HME provider, do not need a contract to “get on board” to maintain our industry! When you are a member of AAHomecare and your state DME association, that becomes your “contract”. Every dealer or provider not only has to pay their dues, but they are also asked to write letters and make telephone calls to congressmen and other elected representatives.

You realize when your voice is not heard it is of little value. But when your employees and staff join with you, this makes your voice difficult to be ignored. There is a great deal that must be completed between now and Medtrade in Atlanta. Be sure you stay on top and follow the leaders. When we all do that we will be successful!
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