Friday, July 24, 2015

Information, Please

In order to do anything successfully, a great deal of information is always necessary. It does not matter what, who, or when! It basically means being aware of what you are trying to accomplish and that which is involved as you strive to reach your goal.

Many years ago, when one of my grandchildren was writing “thank you” notes after his birthday, I offered to help him. He said: “No, thank you, Grandpa, it has to be in my words.” I will never forget this response.  With the correct information, you will always successfully complete whatever you try to do! He had the correct approach - so do you!

My grandson knew responsibility. Today, many years later he is very successful. I am so proud of him! Whatever you may be addressing, you must have sufficient information so that your efforts will never be in vain. When you go shopping for food in a supermarket, or are looking to purchase a new vehicle at an automobile dealer, you require the same information.

When Thelma goes to the supermarket, she takes a list of the items that she requires. Like most men, when I go to pick up one or two things, a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk, if they are not written down, somehow I manage to bring home more than just one bag of food! Having the correct information will save you a lot of dollars. The same applies when you shop for anything!

Here is some important information for you:

1.) Have you made reservations to attend Medtrade?

2.) Have you chosen which employee or employees you will bring with you?

Do it now, do not procrastinate! The way things are rapidly developing; I can only say that this year will probably be the biggest and the best Medtrade ever! Will Thelma and I see you there? We hope so!
Please use the promo code SHELLY when registering for Medtrade, and receive a Free Expo Pass!

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