Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Do It Now

I have learned over the years when you have a good idea or thought, it's important to “act on it.” I have received phone calls from many friends and readers who have shared with me their plans, but they often did not act to accomplish them! This should never happen! You should all have the courage to follow through when you have an idea and then you will be very pleased with the results!

Many years ago, Thelma and I had a plan about developing a cooperative where dealers could share ideas with one another. We built this into a very effective program. It was the birth of the Home Health Care Dealers Co-op! If any of you former members see this memo, please send us a note (shelly.prial@att.net)! We are planning to attend Medtrade and perhaps we can meet you there?

As a major project of the Co-op, every week we sent a mailing to all the participants with the many ideas and thoughts that came to our attention. Now when we go to meetings, we still see some of our friends from those days. They comment on how enjoyable this program was for them and how they really miss sharing things with one another.

Always share your ideas, because for every one who learns from you, reflect what you have received and shared with them. Each profit from this effort!

We received e-mail this morning from one of our old friends and are “doing” this as an answer “now.” Why? Because we love when we hear from any of you and we make every effort to acknowledge this STAT! We were “asked” to share this with our readers and I say “thank you” and we are reacting ASAP.

Please keep the e-mails coming; they mean so much to both Thelma and I.

If you still need to register for Medtrade, please use the promotional code SHELLY to get your Free Expo Pass!

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