Monday, July 13, 2015


One thing is constant: It is always “today”.
How much you can accomplish in one day? That is how this should be approached. In school, I was taught that we should write down what we planned to do and then as new things developed just add them to the list. This always worked for me!

Over the years I have heard many people talk about the beautiful plans they have constructed for the future. When I next run into them and ask, “How did your plan go?” Too often I was told it didn’t! Their plan got lost in transit. How sad that is.

Today is the present day! So if you do not do what you planned STAT, remember there is never a tomorrow!

When I speak to many DME/HME dealers, I often ask if they belong to AAHomecare and their State Association. If I did not get a positive response, invariably the answer was: “Gosh, I just didn’t get around to it yet!” That would not happen if you did it today. Remember, these organizations work for you, and the more companies who join, the more things they can accomplish.

In the last ten years, I have had the privilege of speaking with many successful DME/HME dealers. I can say without any hesitation that each and every one of them accomplished their goals because they understood that things must be done today! When you do the same, you will build a most energetic and successful operation!

Thelma and I are planning to attend Medtrade in the fall. This will be our last visit. After the show, we will spend the rest of the time allotted to us with our grandchildren. I will not be a speaker. I will be a guest! Thelma and I will be there to see all of our friends! We consider every attendee to be friend. When you see us meandering about, PLEASE say, “Hello, Shelly!"
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