Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't You Just Love a Good Challenge?

I have always responded to a challenge and now I hope that every HME provider will do the same.

Both the state and national associations have been working as hard as possible to get HR 1041 through Congress. They are, at the same time, addressing and responding to what happens in each state (legislation, Medicaid, taxes, etc,) that can affect their members. The efforts by the associations have been extremely effective. While doing all of the above, they also work with and for their members. They must respond to every query they receive, provide all material requested and are in every sense of the word they become a “partner” with each member.

I have a goal to accomplish via these blogs. It is to convince 99% of the HME providers to become dues paying members of their state and national associations. When I see how powerful and influential major associations like the AMA, AHA and the national drug manufacturers have become, I look at our industry and I say “yes, we can do the same!”

So here is my challenge. I ask that every HME provider who currently belongs to their state and national association solicit every other provider in their area and ask that they join in the fray. Any providers who are not currently members must get on board ASAP.

Get on the telephone, explain, and be sure you are certain they understand why you are calling. They need to become active. They must be aware what can happen if they are forced out of business. They must realize that their families, employees and most importantly, customers and family caregivers are at risk. There should be no hesitation. Can we reach the goal of 99% of all providers joining in this effort? Yes, I believe we can!

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