Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Work-worthy Idea

Jobs! No, not Steve Jobs! Real jobs. Jobs that sustain a community are what I am talking about. Helping people find work so that they can earn money sounds so simple. Yet, it is not! The economic outlook is certainly worrisome. Being employed is no longer a given fact and there are so many people who are already out of work.

Perhaps HME providers can be the forefront to launch changes in their communities. I believe that our industry has that ability! Both the largest employers and the largest taxpayers in our country have always been small businesses. The HME industry is the classical description of a small business.

I read an article in one of the magazines I receive about two companies, both HME providers, each doing about the same annual volume. They were so similar that they could be described as twins. As a consequence of the changing economy, each found sales going down and so were their profits.

Provider “A” made a decision that he had to reduce his payroll. After a very careful examination of his operation, the decision was made to lay off two employees.

Provider “B” did not want to lose any members of his staff. The loyalty of his employees to the company was why it flourished. He spoke with two of them and they jointly came to the decision that they, who knew much about the operation, would go on the road.

In the first three months, as these two “sales” people were out extolling the virtues of the company, things stopped going down and then the pot started to boil. New customers began coming in because the referral sources, nursing services and doctors all were suggesting going to provider “B” for their needs. A very positive result was that they needed another pair of hands in the showroom and another driver. His business began once again to expand. Two new jobs were added in their community!

The moral of this is to use the strength you currently have, that is the strength of your current employees. Work with them, because, they too, will also survive when the company stays solvent and grows.

Creating new jobs will come about as enthusiasm spreads with all your employees and when HME providers set an example, others will follow the leader. Yes, providing new jobs can be a multi-faceted way to go!

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