Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manufacturers' Reps: A Solid Resource for Growing Your Company

Perhaps the most unappreciated member of the HME team of players is the “manufacturer rep” who calls on providers. Their important task is two-fold: assist their customers with marketing ideas and feature the lines they represent.

It is to everyone’s advantage to move merchandise. The sound of a ringing cash register is music to any business owner’s ears! (Play along with that metaphor even though today’s cash registers are mostly all computers.)

I have spoken with several manufacturers’ reps and from what they tell me, I recognize how important they are to you. Please listen to what they offer and study how what they feature will fit into your operation. They will work very closely with you to help your company obtain additional market share.

Hold a sales meeting with all your employees and allow the rep to speak and demonstrate his or her products. They can also make joint calls with your outside sales team if you request it. If you do, please make sure you only are presenting products they represent. Introduce the rep and allow them to make the sales pitch.

Utilize the marketing materials they offer to bring attention to their products and your location. If you have the ability, hold a Saturday morning “Open House.” Advertise that and the rep will sacrifice their morning to work with you.

Appreciate the role of the manufacturers’ rep. Please respect them and make them welcome when they call!

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