Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please Get Involved!

Just a brief update on some of the happenings in our battle with Goliath (aka Medicare). I have been receiving reports from many of the state associations and AAHomecare.

First, the good thing they report: Despite the gloom and doom attitude of a few recalcitrant dealers, the voice of our industry is being heard. There is so much activity by the state and national associations asking their elected congressmen to support HR 1041. If all their efforts to get this passed succeed, it would repeal the competitive bid program. That is also how important your efforts can be!

Now, the problem I wish to bring to everyone’s attention: There are many other bills that have go from committee to Congress. When the bill passes the first hurdle, the House, it has to go to the Senate for their approval. This is a very difficult process and requires a great deal of work by the state and the national associations.

Every HME provider has his or her future at stake. Every senior citizen, their family caregivers and all patients must also understand that they too have much at risk. When we rally all of these folks to assist in the battle, we will succeed.

To accomplish this I am asking every HME provider to participate. I am repeating my message again, it is that vital! If your company is not currently a dues paying member of the associations become one now. If your company already is a member, please contact every provider or dealer in town and ask that they become a participant on this gargantuan fight together with you and the associations for salvation. Our industry will face a dire future if these pending legislations do not get through Congress. Don’t wait another minute, do it now.

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