Monday, June 13, 2011

A Question and a Challenge

Recently, there was a most intriguing article in HME News about competitive bidding. Can we assist Medicare and help them find an alternative that can possibly save $20 billion dollars in the next 10 years?

When I say “we,” it includes every HME provider. The problem is it is almost impossible to get every provider on board for support. If reimbursements fall any lower, there will be very few providers left. This will lead to a tremendous loss of tax dollars and a great increase in unemployment.

We are all aware the greatest difficulty Medicare has to contend with is fraud and abuse! I am afraid that the money being stolen may be much more than the $20 billion they want to save.

A unified voice from our industry must be heard. This effort will also be much more effective if every provider asks his clientele to become involved. After all, they too, will suffer greatly if the loss of dollars is not stopped. Every HME provider must, and I really mean must, join his or her state DME association. Their support will be to see to it that every congressman in each state will be aware of what you and their constituents are asking them to accomplish. It is amazing what the state associations can do! They need you to work with them.

AAHomecare has made the industry voice heard loud and clear in Washington. They are “icing on the cake” when supported by the state associations. Working together this effectiveness cannot be measured. Please be sure you sign up ASAP because this battle must be won NOW or it will be too late!

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