Monday, June 20, 2011

Your State Association is at Work - For YOU!

There is so much activity emanating from the various state associations. I find it fascinating when I see the many roles they fill. All the problems their members may contend with are addressed: Medicaid, support from their state senators and representatives, and advising how to cope with local legislation.

How many providers know which congressmen are on committees that affect their businesses? Your state association director knows who sits on them and can advise members whom to contact.

Little things such as no license for out-of-state providers to solicit business can hurt you. Sales made on the web and state tax not collected may be a small item, but it can also affect your company. Is every provider aware of how much effort is made by their associations to fight competitive bidding? Also, how aware are you of Accountable Care Organizations? Your state association is going to monitor this very carefully.

There are many other programs that develop, difficulties to resolve, lobbying, writing, telephoning and making visits all are constantly performed by your state association. I am amazed by what is accomplished by them and shocked by the fact that there still are providers who do not belong. Cost of membership is a normal business expense. The ROI on that investment is that your company can continue to stay in business.

If you do not belong to your state association, please join now! If you need their address, contact me ( Every HME provider must support his or her state association! The more members they have, the more efficient they can become. Make your voice heard and give them the means they need to fight for you.

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