Friday, June 24, 2011

Take Action!

AAHomecare and the state associations have been leading the efforts for all HME providers to bring HR1041 to the floor of Congress and have it passed. This is the most important hurdle our industry has to overcome! The “competitive bidding” legislation is a travesty and was passed by a frightened Congress to show voters they are working to help them (?) and reduce expenses. But just the opposite has happened!

In the first markets chosen, many patients and senior citizens lost their source of products and services. Instead of proving to be effective this legislation has shown to be a disaster. Patients have been driven away from their providers where they had confidence and been serviced for years. Family caregivers no longer had the friendly provider who took good care of their family member. Many patients and families have found they have to travel large distances to obtain their supplies and service. They often have to go to more than one location. This created chaos and concern. Certainly, the beneficiaries do not appreciate that.

I receive messages from various state associations and copies of their e-mails every time they get a representative to sign in support of HR 1041. They work so hard for you. The goal is to get 230 congressmen to commit. You see, there is work is cut out for you. The task is to get more than 50% of the House of Representatives to agree to support the bill. They are getting close and with your efforts our industry will succeed.

Every HME provider has to rally behind the associations. They must get all their employees, customers, family caregivers, physicians, pharmacists and therapists involved as well. Now is the time to work closely to protect not only their future but also the well being of your customers.

Take ACTION now, to secure the future.

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